Posted on Jun 16, 2019

Man with a Van in Birmingham

Moving Tips
1. Write a list
It may sound simple but at least 2 weeks before your move, write a list of everything you need to organise, change, pack, clean etc.

2. De-clutter
The one thing I love about moving is that it's the perfect time to have a big de-clutter! If you don't need it, throw it or give it to charity.

3. Labelling is key
This is one of the most important things to do when you move - every time you pack up a box, clearly label it with the room it belongs to and the contents of the box. .

4. Admin
Moving house has a lot of admin!

5. Wear sport gear
On moving day, make sure you wear comfy sportswear. Trust me!

6. Start Early
Moving is never a walk in the park, but if you start early, are organised and hustle.

7. Unpack One Room At A time
If you're like me, you get really excited to unpack and arrange everything in your new apartment! My tip is to tackle one room at a time otherwise it's very overwhelming.

8. Final Touches
Once each room has been unpacked and all your rubbish has been taken care of - start putting the final touches on your new place.

9. Relax with a wine & pizza!
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